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Esquared Electric INC
Esquared Electric INC


We've been in the telecom industry for over 20 years. We have the newest technology when it comes to telephone and data distribution and network repairs. Installing multiple kinds of low voltage wire for any application, from motorized shades and lighting controls to commercial applications like office buildings and hospitals.

We pride ourselves in giving the best service to the customer. Based out of Santa Rosa in the heart of the North Bay, Esquared has been providing current and effective ways to keep your networks running smoothly. We have the best technicians in the business to serve all of our customers’ needs.

Esquared Electric INC

Supplied and Installed by Esquared Electric INC

Esquared Electric INC
  • Workstations and Outlets
  • Jacks and Inserts
  • Patch Panels and Cables
  • Bulk Fiber and Copper Cables
  • Cable Management
  • Racks and Cabinets
  • Ladder Racking
  • Basket Tray
  • Surface-Mounted Raceway
  • Cross Connect
  • Fire Stop

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Esquared Electric INC