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Breaker Panel Repair in Santa Rosa, CA

Many of today’s homes have appliances that were not around when the house was built. These items require more electrical panel capacity to avoid overloading a circuit. Some items that can cause an overload are portable space heaters and air conditioners…even hair dryers!

It’s important to get your aging or damaged breaker panel repaired and upgraded as soon as possible. Immediately addressing the problem with a breaker panel change from Esquared Electric Inc will help you avoid emergency situations and potential issues such as power surges, electrical shocks, circuit loads and possibly fires!

If you need a breaker panel repair, replacement or upgrade, talk to an experienced electrician from Esquared Electric Inc near Santa Rosa, CA, to learn what electrical solutions we can offer you. No matter how big or how small your electrical system, our professional team of electricians can handle the job.

Our Breaker Panel Change Services

Since the electrical panel is linked with the entire electrical system, many problems can arise due to faulty panels. The damage from a malfunctioning panel will likely spread throughout the house. You wouldn’t want such problems if you are hosting a special event at your home. For this reason, look out for the signs that you may need an breaker panel change including:

  • Burning Smells or Sparks
  • Lights that Dim or Flicker Often
  • Electrical Shocks
  • Breakers that Trip Frequently
  • If Your Electrical Panel is Very Old

If your commercial building, industrial facility, or residential property has old or faulty electrical panels, talk to one of our certified electricians today to learn about your breaker panel change options such as increasing ampage and installing secondary breaker panels. Esquared Electric Inc in Santa Rosa, CA, is happy to assist with all your breaker panel needs. Call us at (708) 861-0733 today.

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